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TurboPlus Information Technologies, Kerala's leading IT training/recruiting and software development center based in Trivandrum, provides state-of-the-art training in software development. Some of the leading companies in India's IT industry rely on TurboPlus for their requirement of highly trained IT professionals.

The key technologies and competencies that we specialize in are given below:
Programming Languages
-       Structured Programming in C
-       Object Oriented Programming using C++
-       Programming in Java

Windows Programming
-       Windows Programming using Visual Basic
-       Java AWT, Java Swing
-       J2EE
-       VC++

-       Relational Database Management System
        using Oracle
-       Oracle DBA
-       MS SQL Server
-       Developer 2000

.Net Technologies
-       VB.Net
-       ASP.Net
-       C#

-       ASP
-       JSP
-       Servlets
-       Networking
-       Unix
-       Linux

Software Engineering
-       System Analysis and Design
-       UML
-       RUP
-       Software Testing

Soft Skills
-       Personality Development
-       Communication
-       Conflict and Stress Management
-       Group Dynamics and Team Building
-       Corporate Etiquettes
-       Table Etiquette

TurboPlus offers cutting-edge training in technologies such as C++, J2EE, Oracle, .Net Technologies

Software Development
TurboPlus Information Technologies offers world-class software development with skilled Information Systems Professionals

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