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Trivandrum, the capital of the state of Kerala, is also known as the knowledge city of Kerala. Trivandrum, or Thiruvananthapuram as it is formally known, has 16 Engineering colleges producing more than 5,000 Engineers every year. Furthermore, within a radius of 75 kilometers, there are another 35 Engineering colleges with an yearly turnout of 10,000 engineering graduates. In total, there are 45 more Engineering colleges in Kerala turning out approximately 15,000 B.Tech/ BE/ MCA graduates.

Statistics shows that Trivandrum is home to about 24% of Engineering graduates in Kerala. Thus Trivandrum happen to be a major hub of software aspirants. And to meet the requirements of this growing pool of highly skilled engineers and the rapidly growing software industry, TurboPlus has come up with a training and recruitment programme inaddition to software development, that has been widely accepted.

TurboPlus offer different options to help software companies in their hunt for quality software professionals. We facilitate various stages of the recruitment process like conducting screening tests, group discussions, interviews, etc. We also maintain a database of qualified candidates as well as of those trained by us.

TurboPlus can conduct the entire selection process on behalf of any organization and recruit engineers based on specific requirements. Alternatively, TurboPlus can select fresh graduates, train them on specific skills and supply quality software professionals to the industry. We follow a thoroughly systematic and scientific methodology for the above to ensure the sourcing of right candidates.

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TurboPlus offers cutting-edge training in technologies such as C++, J2EE, Oracle, .Net Technologies

Software Development
TurboPlus Information Technologies offers world-class software development with skilled Information Systems Professionals

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